Startup Fast | 5 STEPS
The Startup Fast programme is ideal for consultants who want to launch their new business quickly and efficiently. We'll help you get your branding, website and marketing strategy right first time and take you from brief to live launch in 90 days or less.
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The Startup Fast Pre-Launch Brief

Create Your Consultancy Business in 5 Easy Steps and Get Your
Launch Strategy, Branding, Website and Marketing Plan Right First Time…

The Startup Fast Pre-Launch Brief is a free workbook that will help you create your consultancy business and get your launch strategy, branding, website and marketing plan right first time.

It outlines 5 clear steps to creating your business and contains a collection of brief templates that you can customise, edit and then send to your graphic designer and web developer to make sure you instruct them clearly. These include:

  • Brand Brief
  • Web Design Brief

We have created it in Word so that you can edit the brief templates easily and make them your own.

Download it now and you’ll be well on your way to creating your new consultancy business with clarity and confidence.

If you’d prefer us to look after your launch for you, have a look at what’s included in our

Startup Fast packages here.