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The Startup Fast programme is ideal for consultants who want to launch their new business quickly and efficiently. We'll help you get your branding, website and marketing strategy right first time and take you from brief to live launch in 90 days or less.
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03 Aug How To Start A Business

There are probably a thousand different ways to get a new business off the ground.  From getting a loan or funding from a dragon investor, giving up your day job and going all in, to bootstrapping an idea from your kitchen table and being what's now...

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25 Mar Why Are You Here?

Why are you starting your own business?  What life and career experiences brought you to this point? What can you achieve for your clients by managing your own business that you couldn’t when you were part of someone else’s organisation? Although often starting your own business can...

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15 Mar 15 Questions You Must Be Able to Answer

To construct your market proposition effectively it’s important to know the answers to 15 key questions.  You may not communicate the answers to these questions explicitly to your customers, but knowing them will help you formulate a very clear value proposition and remind you why you’re in business: Which...

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10 Mar Positioning For Profit

An aspect of your proposition that you need to be clear about from the start is how you'll position your business in the marketplace.  Are you an expert or better qualified than the majority in your field/area of expertise?  Are you a specialist or guru?...

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14 Feb Priority Appointments

When MD Barbara Law decided to take her recruitment business out of a franchise and into independent ownership, she asked us to help develop the new name, brand and website. We involved the whole team in developing the new Priority Appointments brand and strapline – Handpicked People...

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