Startup Fast | Why are you here?
Why are you starting your own business? What life and career experiences brought you to this point?
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25 Mar Why Are You Here?

Why are you starting your own business?  What life and career experiences brought you to this point?

What can you achieve for your clients by managing your own business that you couldn’t when you were part of someone else’s organisation?

Although often starting your own business can be fairly self-serving – being your own boss, managing your work around your family and lifestyle – more often than not, people who do have a mission, or purpose to fulfill.

Take my friend Connie Sobczak who runs her organisation The Body Positive teaching people how to overcome conflicts with their bodies so they can lead happier, more productive lives.  Or Rhiannon Ford, a Divorce Consultant who provides legal and emotional support for people going through divorce and separation.  They developed their businesses to answer a need that they identified and wanted to help people with.

Their businesses are purposeful and powerful and their clients connect with them because they so clearly understand and empathise with them.

Not all businesses have a burning passion behind them, but if yours does don’t dismiss it as unimportant.  Potential customers love connecting with a mission and supporting someone who has a clear reason or ‘Why’ for starting their own company.

As Simon Sinek in his TED Talk ‘Start with Why’ says, to make a profit isn’t your ‘Why’, that’s a result.  Know your ‘why’ and you will make it far easier and more compelling for your prospects to choose you to help provide the solution to their problem.